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Our model systems

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We use a combinatorial approach that includes molecular biology, protein biochemistry, proteomics, genomics (RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Cut and Tag), cell biology (survival assays, microscopy etc) and pathological analysis of tumours (IHC).


We also understand the importance of in vivo models of human disease, and investigate the genetic significance of PRMTs for breast cancer growth using conditional Prmt knockout mice. Here, we are specifically delete Prmt5 in the adult mouse mammary gland through intraductal delivery of Cre recombinase. We also use cell-derived xenograft models and patient-derived xenograft models of breast cancer. We collaborate with clinicians, industry and pathologists for our murine/PDX tumour analysis. In all cases, our work is compliant with UK Home Office guidelines and abides by the principles of the 3Rs.

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