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Previous postdocs and students from the Arginine Methylation Laboratory


Moving on to new pastures, but still very much missed 



Dr Agnieszka Zielinska


After completing her post-doc in the Davies Lab working on the identification of novel PRMT1 substrates in breast cancer and developing state-of-the-art in vivo mouse techniques, Agnieszka is now working as a technical manager at the University of Birmingham.

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Dr Pilar Sanchez-Bailon


Pilar identified the deubiquitylating enzyme, USP11, as a new PRMT1 substrate and has characterised a role for methyl-USP11 in the repair of double strand breaks by homologous recombination. She is now completing a second post-doc in the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Berlin, Germany.

Dr Debashish Sahay

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Debashish worked on drug treating breast cancer xenograft models with pre-clinical PRMT5 inhibitors to understand breast cancer stem cell function. He has now moved to the USA to work with Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals. 


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Dr Thomas Clarke


After completing his PhD in the Davies Lab understanding how PRMT5 regulates homologous-recombination-mediated DSB repair, Tom was awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship to join the lab of Dr Johnathan Whetstine (MGH, Harvard) to work on lysine demethylases and aberrant copy number gains in cancer. He is now working in the lab of Dr Raul Mostoslavsky, (MGH, Harvard) investigating acetylation and the DNA damage response. 

Dr James Jarrold


After completing a PhD using quantitative proteomics to understand how PRMT1 functions in breast cancer, James is now working as a post-doc at Warwick University. 

Dr Krystian Ubych


School of Chemisty, with Dr. Rob Neely

Krystian completed his PhD in the lab of Dr. Robert Neely and Dr. Francisco Fernandez-Trillo (University of Birmingham) and was involved in studies of DNA methylation using a combination of organic chemistry, enzyme-based methods and fluorescence imaging. During this time, I got an opportunity to explore the epigenetics of cancer thanks to collaboration with Dr. Clare Davies’ group. After a short postdoc in the Neely lab, Krystian is now a Senior Scientist at Tagomics Ltd, Birmingham.

Dr Matthew Gillespie


Matthew's PhD studies involved understanding the role of PRMT5 in promoting chemoresistance of breast cancer stem cells. He is now working as a post-doc at Southampton University. 


Lauren Pitt


Since investigating RUVBL1 methylation in breast cancer, Lauren has moved to Germany and is starting a PhD studentship soon. 

Sophie Ord


Sophie was developing new approaches to trace BCSC.

Fiona Black


Undergraduate professional training year (Cardiff University)

After studying the role of FXR1 during DNA repair, Fiona is now completing a CRUK funded PhD at the UCL Cancer Institute, London,  investigating PTEN in cancer under the supervision of Prof. Bart Vanhaesebroeck.

Hannah Rouse


MSci Student

Since analysing our PRMT1 mass spectrometry data set, and further investigating FXR1 in DNA repair, Hannah is now an iCASE PhD student at the Barts Cancer Institute, London.

Kerianne Meadowcroft


MRes Student

Kerianne, having completed her MRes on bio-orthogonal profiling for PRMTs, is now working as a marketing analyst at Calibre Scientific Inc.  

Zac Sandy


MRes Student

Since his delve into PADI enzymes and citrullination, Zac is at the lab of Dr. Cristine Schmidt, University of Manchester completing a PhD studying ubquitin-like modifiers in the DNA damage response. 

Lisa Pfeuffer



Lisa developed a new way in which to capture methylated proteins for mass spectrometry analysis, and   is now completing a PhD in Munich, Germany.

James Van Hear


MSci Student

Jimmy worked on methyl-RUVBL1 and c-Myc-mediated gene expression. He is conducting a PhD at UCL, London, working on wound healing in cancer organoids.

Sophie Cramp 


MRes Student

Sophie also worked on methyl-RUVBL1 and c-Myc-mediated gene expression, and  is now at the University of Birmingham clinical trials department.

Wendy Allan


MSci student

Wendy investigated phosphorylation-dependent regulation of PRMT1 activity, and is a PhD student at the University of Birmingham on the BBSRC MIBTP doctoral training programme.

Summik Limbu

nepal flag.png

MSci Student

Summik studied RACO-1 in breast cancer, and is now a PhD student at Imperial College, London. 

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