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Dr Clare Davies 


PhD, B.Med.Sc

Reader in Cancer Cell Biology


I completed my PhD in Cancer Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK, and have ever since been interested in understanding how post-translational modification of proteins contributes to malignant progression. I first came across arginine methylation during my post-doctoral position at the CRUK-London Research Institute (now The Crick) in the lab of Dr. Axel Behrens studying c-Jun-mediated gene expression, and then moved to The University of Manchester to work with Dr. Cathy Tournier on mouse models of breast, skin and pancreatic cancer. I was awarded a Birmingham Fellow in 2012 to start my own research group at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences and was promoted to Reader in 2019. I really enjoy mentoring the younger members of the team, and in my spare time can be found in the gym sweating and singing along to a Les Mills class, hiking up a mountain, or planning my next big travel tip abroad. Dogs are by far my favourite animal.



Dr Kelly Chiang


PhD, BSc

After completing a PhD at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester, I moved to the University of Glasgow to begin my foray into the infinite world of epigenetics. I continued this journey after moving to the University of Birmingham where I currently work on the role of arginine methylation in the regulation of breast cancer stem cells, which has also allowed me to dabble part-time in bioinformatics. Outside the lab, I prefer science of a different nature - one which usually results in a more tasty endpoint than pouring an SDS-PAGE gel.


Dr Soo Youn Choi


PhD, MSc

I obtained my MSc in Genetic Engineering and PhD in Biochemistry from Seoul National University in South Korea. After my first postdoctoral training in MRC-PPU (MRC -Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitination Unit, University of Dundee), I joined the lab to conduct research focusing on the functions of PRMT5 in breast cancer. I like all kinds of art form, love visiting art galleries and theatres. Actually that is why I like science most as it is like a journey to understand the art of nature.


Dr Gemma Regan-Mochrie


I obtained my PhD in Cancer Biology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. I was fascinated by DNA replication and I studied both the role of sumoylation of the origin recognition complex and a conserved domain on the leading strand polymerase. I joined the Davies lab to pursue my interest in post-translational modifications and study the role of PRMT5 in breast cancer. Outside of the lab I love to cook, hike and travel. I also have a wonderful cat named Freyja.


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Ciara Ward

iCASE Astra Zeneca MIBTP BBSRC Studentship

I completed a Masters of Research in Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham before I joined the Davies lab as a research technician in October 2021 and I am starting my PhD in October 2023. In my spare time I love to read and am often found with my head in stranger worlds. I also adore travelling and I am hoping to visit new places soon!

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Karan Sharma


CRUK PhD Studentship

I studied Biomedical Science at King's College London as an undergraduate. In order to further my interest in cancer research I chose to do a MSc at the University of Leicester in the Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics of Cancer. I joined The Davies Lab in 2019 as a Research Technician, and I started my PhD in October 2021. My research within The Davies Lab focuses on FXR1 and the DNA damage response.  In my spare time I love watching and playing cricket. I also like music and most art forms. 

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Nicole Mcfadzean


MIBTP BBSRC PhD Studentship

I studied Veterinary Biosciences at the University of Glasgow as an undergraduate. I then worked as a research assistant on a Humanimal Trust project aiming to develop a test that could diagnose and monitor cancers through circulating tumour DNA. My PhD included a training year to learn statistics and bioinformatics skills and my research within the Davies Lab focuses on investigating the recruitment of PRMTs to sites of DNA damage and the roles of histone arginine methylation within the DNA damage response. In my spare time I enjoy listening to and playing music as well as meeting up with friends.

MRes/MSc/MSci/Intercalcating medical STUDENTS

Emily Orton




I graduated as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University in 2017 and have been working in veterinary hospitals around the midlands ever since. I have always had an interest in oncology and started a part time Masters in Clinical Oncology at Birmingham in September 2022. I joined the lab in July 2023 to work on a project involving PRMT inhibitors and Ewings Sarcoma. Outside of work I love anything involving the outdoors - especially running and exploring the countryside with my Labrador, Mouse! I’ve run both the London and Paris marathons to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 

MRes Clinical Oncology


Motivational manager

My name is Bowser and I am the official lab mascot. I am excellent at seeking attention and food but I am always happy to give out licks and cuddles. Woof woof!

Dr Debashish Sahay


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