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The Davies Laboratory

About Us

We  study arginine methylation, a post-translational modification catalysed by protein arginine methyl transferases (PRMTs). Focusing on breast cancer, we are particularly interested in studying the significance and molecular mechanisms by which PRMTs and arginine methylation promote disease progression and drug resistance. In doing so, we hope our findings will lead to new ways in which to treat breast cancer, and, importantly identify which patients will benefit from PRMT-directed therapies.


We are focused on addressing the following questions:

  • How do PRMTs contribute to DNA repair mechanisms?

  • Do PRMTs promote the survival of breast cancer stem cells?

  • How does histone arginine methylation contribute to malignant progression?

  • Can we identify new PRMT substrates that help us define cellular functions?


Our lab is based at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK, and we are a member of the Birmingham Centre for Genome Biology.

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